Window renovation

In addition to high-quality windows manufactured in Finland, Tiivi offers professional and reliable service at all stages of window renovation, from selecting the right products to installing them.

5 reasons to do a window renovation

  • Window renovation helps save heating energy
  • Increase the value of your home and update its appearance
  • No more cold draughts
  • Improved sound insulation
  • Solutions also for solar shading, ventilation and mobile data connections

Why choose Tiivi’s full service window renovation?

  • Free planning assistance provides expert insight into the choice of features and accessories
  • High quality products made to measure in Finland
  • Certified installation with 10-year warranty
  • Recycling of old doors and windows if required
  • Quick and easy window renovation, during which you can live in your home
  • A reliable and responsible partner

Tiivi Suunnitteluapu – Your free planning assistance

Wondering about the choice or price of windows and doors? Tiivi Suunnitteluapu is a free service to help with all your window and door needs, whether it’s sizing, technical features, style or accessories.

Take advantage of the knowledge of a Tiivi expert before you make choices that will affect your home and your life for decades to come!

What does a window renovation cost?

For example, the extent and complexity of the installation, as well as the number of windows, features and accessories, will affect the cost of the window renovation.

Flexible payment options

Tiivi offers a flexible and secure payment method for your window renovations. You can pay in one single instalment or if you prefer, you can pay in instalments, in a monthly instalment that suits you.

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Tiivi experts at your service

Do you need more information about our products or help choosing windows or doors? Or perhaps a more accurate price estimate? Our experts can help you with any window or door related question.