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The most innovative products in Finland, the most extensive guarantees and the most comprehensive service make Tiivi an excellent investment in better living.

Tiivi will change your perception of windows

Tiivi offers builders and renovators window and door solutions with unique features that improve energy efficiency and make everyday life easier for decades. Careful quality assurance ensures that the best windows and doors on the market will last for decades to come.


The weather-resistant surface material and strong construction make Tiivi doors a long-lasting and reliable choice.

Tiivi Suunnitteluapu – Your free planning assistance

Wondering about the choice or price of windows and doors? Tiivi Suunnitteluapu is a free service to help with all your window and door needs, whether it’s sizing, technical features, style or accessories.

Take advantage of the knowledge of a Tiivi expert before you make choices that will affect your home and your life for decades to come!

Picture perfect windows

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